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Blockchain Intellectual Property for the Future

Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications for a Range of Vertical Markets & Blockchain Networks.

Blockchain Intellectual Property That Meets Your Requirements

Choose from a library of Fundamental Blockchain Intellectual Property (IP) including Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications that best fit your requirements and vertical market.  Customize your IP or create your own IP with DomaniSystems' Intellectual Property Optimization Pack (IPOP) which either takes our standard IP blocks or a custom IP block to the next level providing optimization, integration and verification for a particular blockchain use case.


Blockchain IP Designed, Integrated & Verified

You choose the base IP from our standard IP Library.  Use "as is" or Customize the standard IP using our Intellectual Property Optimization Pack (IPOP) flow.  Define your own Requirements Specification and DomaniSystems will do the rest including the development, integration and final verification  using the private or public Blockchain network of your choice.