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About Our Business

By the year 2020, the global spending on IoT technologies is expected to surpass One trillion USD.  On the other hand, the AI software market is expected to reach 75.54 billion USD during 2019-2023. Similarly, the global market for Blockchain technology is predicted to be worth $25 billion by 2025.


As these technologies combine and converge, a new view of the future emerges: a world where data is gathered by IoT devices, analyzed by artificial intelligence to take decisions on our behalf, and then recorded and time-stamped on the blockchain as a permanent record of decisions.


DomaniSystems’ mission is to leverage this emerging convergence and develop/deliver software solutions to our customers integrating Blockchain, IOT, AI, and Security Technologies.

Company Principals

Board of Directors



Dr. Santanu Das

Chairman of the Board

milton picture.JPG

Dr. Milton Chang

VP of Engineering

montrone pic.JPG

Dale Montrone

VP of Operations

Full Bio
tapan bio pic.JPG

Dr. Tapan Chakraborty

VP of IP Products


Dr. Santanu Das

Chairman of the Board

Al Picture.JPG

Alfred Boschulte

Member of the Board


Dr. Hagen Hultzsch

Member of the Board

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