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Business Model

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Our business model is based on finding application partners who are willing to develop the application collaboratively. Our engagement with our customer partner starts with a discussion first of what to build and then continually developing functions incrementally, instead of developing the whole software at once. 

The initial discussion session with the customer is free and then we provide two weeks of trial development at discounted rate. After this two-week period, we expect our customers to make a commitment and we jointly agree on a development program with a weekly release schedule using an agile development approach. The customer pays us for each such delivery incrementally. After approximately 3-6 months, depending upon the complexity of the project, we enable the customer to move to a production environment. 

The customer can continue this weekly delivery schedule with us or can decide to take over the responsibility for completion of the task. We provide a testing environment for our customers for a reasonable fee which is negotiated upfront.

The customers also have an opportunity to license one or more of our standard pre-configured software blocks which are based on our IP’s in Blockchain, AI, IOT, and Security technologies.

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