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Blockchain Powered Smart Contract For IoT Applications

As more and more IoT devices are deployed in mission critical applications, securing IoT networks presents a number of unique challenges [1]. According to Eclipse IoT Working Group’s 2017 IoT developer survey [2], security is the top concern for IoT developers.

The IoT security challenges include:

  1. Authorize and authenticate devices

  2. Manage device updates

  3. Secure communication

  4. Ensure data privacy and integrity

  5. Secure web, mobile, and cloud applications

  6. Ensure high availability

  7. Detect vulnerabilities and incidents

  8. Predict and preempt security issues

DomaniSystems’ approach to IoT security relies on the use of a combination of Machine Learning, BlockChain Technology and Containerization.

The figure below illustrates how Internet of Things (IoT) nodes can be managed by a server or a set of servers.

Figure 1 Example of an IoT Network

Referring to Figure 1, part of the security management software resides in the Aggregator and another part resides in the Application Server(s), with both parts written in an executable programming language like C. The purpose of these software blocks in the aggregator and the server would be, for example, to ensure that the interaction between the aggregator and the server is secure and meets established performance requirements. The private network referred to in Figure 1 could be based on a number of technologies like Carrier Ethernet or a private Blockchain networks.

To develop and enable applications such as mission-critical and secure IoT networks, one needs a platform that can be used to develop the software residing in the network’s sensors, actuators, aggregators, and servers. Additionally, simulation capability is needed to ensure that a network consisting of a large number of aggregators and servers ultimately operates with the performance and security needed for its intended application.

DomaniSystems’ DCP platform’s design objective is to address these requirements.


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